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About Us

Abbey Wealth was established in 2007 by leaders in the Financial Services Industry who wanted to make sure expats got the very best support and advice. We aim to provide ‘The best service, the best value and the best information’, to help our clients make smarter more profitable returns. Our Dedicated team of Wealth Managers guarantee continuity of service wherever you are in the world. The service we offer is independent – we work exclusively on behalf of you, our valued client.

Meet Victor our CEO

Watch to hear from Victor France, CEO of Abbey Wealth. Here Victor outlines his experience, his passion for finance innovation within the expat community and commitment to customer satisfaction and wealth management for all Abbey Wealth customers.

How We Help

Wealth Management Planning

Clients are at the forefront of everything we do. As our valued client, you will have a named adviser who will work with you to build a complete picture of your financial position today, and where you want to be in the future. It is our promise to deliver a clear financial path to achieving wealth advancement and financial security, that enable you to protect and grow your wealth.

Wealth Management for Life

Central to our comprehensive planning is our regular financial reviews which all clients benefit from for life. Here, we review your wealth plan taking into consideration economic news, new market solutions, and changes to your personal status or objectives; and if necessary recommend adjustments to your portfolio. Your financial position and goals change, at Abbey Wealth, we will ensure your ever changing plans are awalays nurtured. 

Wealth Advice You Can Trust

Our aim is to provide clients with a first class transparent regulated financial advice. For clients in the EU, AFS Wealth Management & Insurance Advisers Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, Licence C143069, operates a branch in Spain under freedom of establishment and also advises clients in other EU countries under our freedom of services. In Switzerland AWM Advisers S.A. is a fully regulated adviser, regulated under Swiss law by Polyreg, an appointed SRO recognised by FINMA. Our membership is a reference for AML standards in Switzerland. Regulated advice ensures we are always working with our clients interested in mind.

Our Mission & Values


We are evangelical, and high performing in all our actions. We are proud of our business and take our professional responsibilities seriously.


We are ambitious for growth and seek partnerships and collaborations with like-minded corporates and individuals, to meet our clients’ needs.


Irrespective of our location, we provide an Abbey Wealth service and adhere to the Abbey Wealth culture.


We are collaborative and straight forward, engaging intelligently clients, colleagues with professional partners.

Your Abbey Wealth Team

Our team of trained financial advisers are highly qualified with extensive international advisory experience. They are committed to developing an individual client to adviser relationship that allows them to provide highly personalised services based on our clients financial goals and life plans.

Carol Dailly

Head of Administration

Christian Holbrook

Financial Planner

Claire Jenkins

Human Resources & Client Communications

Brian Keegan

Head of Finance

Sadie Webb

Financial Planner

Dean Kirwan

Financial Planner

Glenn Barker

Financial Planner

Karen Forbes

Administration Team

Iain Henderson

Senior Wealth Manager

Ian Boden

Financial Planner

Iwan Thomas

Head of Retail Sales

Nicola Haxby


Lisette Hewin

Client services / Financial Intern

Emmanuel Maruta


Mark Smith

Pensions / Investment Development Manager

Elizabeth Volckovs


John Cairnduff

Compliance Officer

Oliver Medina

Financial Planner

Remy Hart

Financial Planner

Richard Duncan

Financial Planner

Phill Pennick

Head of Marketing

Victor France

Group Chief Executive

What We Do

Maximise your pension

You can’t depend on an employer or government to meet your retirement needs and you value the portability and flexibility of a pension that can move around the world with you. We focus on achieving your pension goals, ensuring your pension can move with you and maximise the income you can enjoy at retirement.

Maximise your Investments

As a non-resident, the financial landscape opens up for you considerably. You have an increased choice of how and where to invest your money – either through regular savings or lump sum investments.  And for many expats there are massive tax advantages to saving and investing that could benefit you greatly.

Maximise your Future

Expats who are living and working abroad often find that they are able to save more than when they livedat home. If you are an expat who is still working and would like to start saving some of those earnings, our team can help create a bespoke savings plan to help get the most return on your investment.

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