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Financial Advice Charges

How Do We Earn Our Revenue?

Typically, AFS Wealth Management & Insurance Advisers Limited generate revenue from fees levied for both the initial and the ongoing advice services that we provide.

Schedule of Charges

From time to time, we may engage with product providers who operate on a commission basis. Under this model, the product provider will compensate us for our services by paying us a commission which derives from the fees that they have levied from you. The rates at which such commission payments are made may vary from provider to provider, but are typically similar to the rates disclosed in the Schedule of Charges table above.

In all cases where we provide advice to you, we will disclose the associated costs in the suitability reports that we issue prior to commencement of your policy.


AFS Wealth Management & Insurance Advisers Limited does not currently recommend trail commission-paying contracts (trail commissions are fees paid by product providers over the lifetime of a policy or investment).

However, it does retain some legacy business to which trail commissions attach, with annual commission values being in the region of 1.16% of the policy value. Trail commission values are calculated as a percentage of policy values.

AFS Wealth Management & Insurance Advisers Limited has not agreed any other monetary or non-monetary benefits to be received from product providers.

If you have any questions regarding these arrangements, then please speak to your adviser.

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